Smart Cities Modelling and Planning

We provide solutions for the cities of the future, our models focus on development of self relaying energy independent and sustainable cities that are not only energy in depended but are self-reliant and economically independent with self sustaining food and water resources. We use and develop emerging technologies such as IoTs and smart grids.


E-Mobility planning, designing and sustainability is one of our key services. we provide E-mobility solutions which is part of our sustainable urban development solution. Knowing what kind of charger, backup power, grid interconnectivity is required to go wholly and fully green is the part of the solutions that we focus on.

Energy Infrastructure Planning

We at Meena provide Energy infra-structure Planning solutions. Our expertise is particularly in renewable energy systems, and we plan sustainable energy infra structure providing Energy infra- structure plans that are not only sustainable and reliable but are economical and easily integrable with the existing energy infrastructure.