Construction and Procurement

What We Do

We have knowledge, experience, competitive team and expertise for procurement and construction of photovoltaic power plants either roof top, ground mounted, hybrid or floating. We offer turnkey solutions for all type of photovoltaic installation and always pay attention to provide best services to our clients. Our engineers are committed to make projects worthwhile and successful in terms of good image, in time and technically and economically viable.

Our procurement department works in close cooperation and collaboration with construction team and engineering department, from tendering stage until successful energization.

Only with sound industry knowledge and the strong partnerships with international suppliers in the solar energy market, we procure the best equipment which meets international standards, keeping the cost under control with optimized time constraints. 


We aim to increase the efficiency of your business by sourcing the PV modules, inverters, and monitoring systems from the manufacturers. We can also provide you with independent and reliable advice on technologies, suppliers, and market developments.

We procure first-class solar modules both in glass-glass composite technology as well as in glass-foil technology. Additionally, we have collaboration with national and international suppliers and other producers of highly efficient solar invertors to provides our customers the best solar inverter systems.

We have excellent business relationship with the manufacturers, and we use our comprehensive knowledge of the international PV market to provide you the best products.

Our engineers identify the suitable system for your project, negotiate with the manufacturers based on your individual requirements, then coordinating the logistic processes and developing/implementing strategies to reduce costs.


Our clients gain highly efficient purchasing processes, allowing them to focus on their core business without losing control on the procurement process, as well as providing them at the same time with up-to-date knowledge on the evolution of prices and availability of components.

Our procurement and logistics team is in charge of :

  • Technological choice adapted to each project
  • Procurement, supply and delivery of PV modules, inverters, transformers and other accessories
  • High quality equipment
  • Purchasing costs control
  • Logistics costs control
  • Reliable delivery schedules, etc


We provide construction and installation services of the PV systems that carefully applies appropriate design, monitoring, quality control and onsite testing that eliminates the common issues that may arise during the construction phase of your project.

We implement general construction-project management best practices to manage the key activities of the construction phase of your project, including interface management, project planning and task sequencing, management of quality, management of environmental aspects, and health and safety.

We provide you with a realistic and comprehensive construction program that sufficiently details tasks and duration, contingency plan, interdependencies, and parties responsible for each task, project critical path and actual progress against plan.

We draw up a high-level, thorough program that outlines the time schedule of each task and the monitoring of the works on a day-to-day basis to receive early notice of any slippage in the program.

An experienced project manager supervises and manages the construction phase with a team of experienced engineers and latest generation of construction equipment.

The main activities of our construction team are :


  • Complete civil works of solar power plant including infrastructure, buildings etc
  • Earthworks and foundations
  • Supply of pre-built technical buildings and mounting structures
  • Roofing work and integration systems
  • Photovoltaic modules installation
  • Monitoring system installation
  • Performance tests, etc.