Project Management Consultancy

What We Do

As a project management consultant and owner’s engineer, we are committed to support you as your technical consultant so that you can get maximum return on your investment. We have knowledge, experience, and expertise in project feasibility study, bid process management, vendor selection and finalization, and project supervision till commissioning and energization implementing strict quality parameters.

 Our engineers have years of experience and bring best international practices and standards. We intervene to help you in order to ensure the viability of technology and processes which are not adopted by your EPC contractor, especially in the pace of technological advancements in the field.

We facilitate and accelerate the project development, we not only work as a moderator and supporter to resolve conflicts between different stake holders, providing knowledge and knowhow where necessary, as well as help with decision making to smoothly push the project through bottlenecks.

Pre-Commissioning Services

  •  Design review for best yield
  • Calculation reviews
  • Review of design proposed by EPC contractor / other vendors
  • String design calculation review
  • Inverter design calculation review
  • Wiring layouts review
  • DC / AC losses review
  • Transformer station review
  • Yield estimate calculation review
  • Commercial monitoring
  • Supervision during commissioning

Post-Commissioning Services

  • Plant performance assessments
  • Assistance during operation and maintenance
  • In-service plant inspection
  • Contract claims management
  • Health and safety management

Vendor and Technology Selection

  • Selection of appropriate technology for shortlisted location / site
  • Vendor selection
  • Selection of suitable vendors for the chosen technology