Engineering Design

Micro grid works

We are competent and have knowledge in market penetration and understanding of the benefits, technical, regulatory, and cost challenges of micro grids.

  • Distributed Energy Resources
  • Combined heat and Power (CHP)
  • Solar Photovoltaics (PV)
  • Energy Storage Systems (ESS)
  • Energy Efficiency Measures
  • Point of Common Coupling Design (PCC)


A microgrid works not only in island mode but can also runs parallel with the grid. It supports the stability of a grid and provide efficient, low-cost, clean energy, and enhanced resiliency.  

Our engineers are capable of integrating and insuring operation of microgrids. We believe on innovation and resiliency in Distributed Generation and Microgrid for our clients including:

  • Government Entities
  • Healthcare Units
  • Educational Institutes
  • Commercial Clients
  • Industrial Customers

We are experienced to designing and integrating complex solutions to fil your needs, which are viable technically and economically. We have resources and a core devoted team to design and deliver resilient microgrids to our clients. We use latest and state of the art industry tools including:

  • BIM / Revit for State of Industry Design
  • SKM and ETAP Electrical Load Flow and Short Circuit Analysis
  • EasyPower and HOMER Pro and HOMER Grid for Microgrid Modelling

We procure first-class solar modules both in glass-glass composite technology as well as in glass-foil technology. Additionally, we have collaboration with national and international suppliers and other producers of highly efficient solar invertors to provides our customers the best solar inverter systems.

We have excellent business relationship with the manufacturers, and we use our comprehensive knowledge of the international PV market to provide you the best products.

Our engineers identify the suitable system for your project, negotiate with the manufacturers based on your individual requirements, then coordinating the logistic processes and developing/implementing strategies to reduce costs.