• Safe, reliable, and standardized new technologies, products, and services
  • Safe and sustainable solutions for long term growth
  • Optimized designs with minimum risks compatible to regulatory standards
  • Market compatible solutions fulfilling the highest level of quality and international standards (IEC 61850 etc)
  • Assistance in overcoming challenges related to batteries, fuel cells and renewable energy storage systems etc
  • Services and consultancy to support development, service, testing, inspection, and certification services for electric car battery, charging infrastructure, and alternative energy services.

Leading the way to a zero-emission mobility future

Transportation sector produce about 24% of CO2, among which, 75% contribution is from cars, trucks, and motorbikes etc. 

E-mobility with renewable energy can help to bring down the CO2 emission to a significant level. This will affect positively on our health, environment and will provide comfortability due to reduced air and noise pollution.  

Our engineers develop and implement smart transportation solutions for electrification from EV chargers for vehicles as well as high power chargers for the highway stations in the near future.